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Why Meghan Markle’s Meeting With Queen Elizabeth Could Mean Nothing and Everything?

Almost a year ago, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry started silently dating. Since then Prince Harry has introduced Meghan to many members of the royal family like Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton. Even Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

However, there was still one member that she hadn’t met until this month. Now, Meghan Markle has been finally introduced to Queen Elizabeth II.

According to Us Weekly, after they returned from their trip to Botswana, Prince Harry brought his girlfriend to meet his grandmother. The meeting took place on September 3 during a weekend away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the Queen’s summer residence.

Meghan Markle's meeting with Queen Elizabeth

“Harry decided to take Meghan to visit as he hadn’t been up yet all Summer,” Us Weekly reported. Apparently, one of the reasons for the trip was Prince Harry “to introduce Meghan to the queen.

“It went well. It’ll no doubt be the first of many encounters,” a source close to Harry told Us. “The entire weekend was a success,” the insider added. “[Harry] was able to introduce someone he loves to someone he cares for deeply.”

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The big question is: What it means that Markle and Queen Elizabeth met?

Depending on your point of view it could mean everything or nothing. The couple’s romantic trip to Africa sparked many engagement rumors. There was even an insider revealed that Harry intended to propose. The ring he reportedly planned to propose with is apparently made from a brooch that was possesion of his late mother.

“Everyone knows how happy Harry is.” However, it would be impossible for him to propose to Meghan without getting the permission from his grandmother. Despite the reports saying that “the entire weekend was a success” and Meghan and Harry’s obviously steady relationship it still doesn’t confirm any wedding bells.

Meghan Markle's meeting with Queen Elizabeth

Ok, Her Majesty isn’t your ordinary relative, but the meeting could just be a guy introducing his girlfriend to his grandmother.

Markle and Queen Elizabeth met few days before Meghan’s Vanity Fair interview was released. Reports appeared that the quotes may have rubbed the famously private monarch the wrong way. “We’re two people who are really happy and in love,” she said, adding that the public scrutiny “has its challenges, and it comes in waves — some days it can feel more challenging than others.”

Now, we can only wait to see how the rest of these “many encounters” play out. If Meghan spends more time with the queen, the chances are bigger that the queen will give her blessing for Prince Harry to pop the question.

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