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Meghan May Have Inspired Father-In-Law Charles’ New Hobby

Prince Charles, as first in line to the throne, has many duties under his belt. However, they don’t make him shy away from the importance of health.

Charles has said yoga could help save “precious and expensive” NHS resources because of its effectiveness as a tool for “health and healing”.

Duchess Meghan has also always been very into staying healthy. One way she keeps up a healthy lifestyle is through yoga and she is considered to have brought yoga to the royal family.

In a written address given to the Yoga in Healthcare conference, Prince Charles said: “For thousands of years, millions of people have experienced yoga’s ability to improve their lives. The development of therapeutic, evidence-based yoga is an excellent example of how yoga can contribute to health and healing.”

“Yoga not only benefits the individual, but also conserves precious and expensive health resources for others where and when they are most needed,” he added.

Charles’ passion for sport was demonstrated when charity, The Princes’ Foundation, which hands out funds to his favourite charities, gave cash to a project which encourages “hope and positivity” among young offenders through meditation and yoga.

The Duchess of Cornwall also shares the love of yoga. Previously, Camilla has revealed that she practices the sport regularly, adding that “it’s very good for you as you get older.”

Meghan Charles Camilla

While Prince Charles still hasn’t revealed say how often he participates in a dose of yoga, his daughter-in-law Meghan has been vocal on numerous occasions for her love of it.

Even while pregnant, she has been known to get up in the early hours of the morning to indulge in a bit of yoga.

Harry and Meghan yoga in Australia

Duchess Meghan is definitely yoga’s biggest lover, which is expected considering she had been growing up with a yoga instructor parent and “started doing mommy-and-me yoga when I was seven.”

Meghan and husband Harry also took part in a yoga class when visiting Australia in 2018.

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