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Meghan Revealed How She Encouraged Harry To Be Honest About Mental Health Struggles

Earlier this week, The Duchess of Sussex paid a visit to a London bakery, where she joined a baking workshop for disadvantaged women in the UK.

While visiting the bakery, Meghan opened up to Bryony Gordon, in a new interview for The Telegraph. It comes after she spoke with ITV’s Tom Brady for the first time about the emotional toll that press criticism has taken on her behind the scenes.

In the interview, Gordon explains that former it was actress Meghan who actively encouraged her then boyfriend Harry to have an open conversation about mental health and his own personal struggles.

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“It was Meghan who had encouraged her then boyfriend to do the podcast about his mental health with me,” she writes. “I felt we were on the same wavelength.”

Just the year before, Harry set up the Heads Together charity, with brother William and Kate, to reduce the stigma around mental health. 

Meghan was the special guest as Luminary Bakery, moved into new premises in Chalk Farm Road, Camden. She is a supporter of the organisation as it helps women from disadvantaged backgrounds get their lives back on track by giving them a second chance.

For the occasion, the Duchess opted for an oversized stripe shirt from British brand With Nothing Underneath; tucked into blue jeans and paired with Stan Smith trainers.

While there, Meghan listened to women who have suffered from abuse. Speaking to Tanya, a woman who was stabbed repeatedly by her violent ex-partner, she said: “I was talking about this with someone the other day,” Meghan said.

“We get into this habit of wanting things done immediately nowadays. There’s a culture of instant gratification, of the instant fix. But we aren’t mechanical objects that need to be fixed.

“You’re a wounded creature that needs to be healed, and that takes time. And that’s what I love about this place. It gives you the support to heal.”
Meghan Revealed How She Encouraged Harry To Be Honest About Mental Health Struggles

Meghan also spoke out about women having a ‘deep connection’ and ‘shared understanding’ with each other in her latest interview.

Meghan, told the Daily Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon: “I find that when you strip all the layers away, as people, and especially as women, we can find deep connection with each other, and a shared understanding. 

“Our lives may be different, our backgrounds, our experiences, all varied, but I find that in these moments of connection it becomes abundantly clear that our hopes, our fears, our insecurities, the things that make us tick…. well, those are very much the same. And there’s comfort in that.”

Meghan has made several secret visits to the Luminary bakery’s two cafes in the past, flying under the radar each time.

“One of the things I have realised since being here [in the UK] is that people have an expectation when I’m coming somewhere, so I’m like, let’s just be really relaxed, keep everyone nice and chilled, because at the end of the day we’re all just women,” Meghan told Bryony Gordon.

On Friday, the couple’s Sussex Royal account shared a video of Meghan’s visit to the launch of the second bakery. It Shows the Duchess cut the three-tier celebratory cake and also donned an apron to do some cake decorating herself.

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