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Meghan’s Sweet Gesture To Harry At Archie’s Christening

In the official photos released from Archie’s christening, the royal couple Meghan and her husband Prince Harry looked very much in love. In another cute photo from the event, we see Meghan longingly staring at her husband, while he gazes at their baby son. The christening was a special event for the couple, so it’s not strange they decided for it to be an intimate matter. At the event they invited only close friend and family, having around 25 people present.

Meghan looked stunning in her choice of outfit for the day, but eagle-eyed fans noticed that the Duchess included something special into her outfit. For the christening, Meghan wore her £12,000 Cartier diamond earrings – the same ones she wore when she said her vows and became a Royal back in May 2018.

Harry And Meghan Release Official Photos Of Archie’s Christening

Many fans also say that the Dior dress that Meghan wore for this event looks very much like the style of wedding dress she wore for her big day. The simple white dress has a similar neckline to her Clare Waight Keller, artistic director of the fashion house Givenchy, gown.

Rochelle White, a stylist, thinks that the look Meghan picked for the event is a special tribute to her husband and wedding day.

She told Mail Online: “Meghan paid homage to her wedding day with her earrings. And the boat-neck dress, which resembles her wedding gown, seems to be a favourite.

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“I feel the christening was a moment for her to wear items that link the two events together in a subtle but meaningful way.”

“I think Meghan wanted something that wouldn’t take the attention away from Archie but matched and complimented him. White is perfect for summer and very flattering on Meghan.”

This wasn’t the only special tribute at the event, as Meghan’s sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, also honoured a royal family member with her choice of dress for the event. The Duchess of Cambridge went with Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl Earrings, the same ones that the late Diana wore for Harry’s christening in 1984. The earrings looked wonderful and matched her overall look well.

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