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One Detail In This Photo Shows Charlotte Is Copying Mum Kate

The time passes by so fast, and Princess Charlotte is already 3.

Just like any other child, little Charlotte looks up to her mom and wants to be like her. Almost every girl wants to walk in her mommy’s heels or put on mommy’s make up to look more like her. And so does Princess Charlotte.

On Saturday, the Cambridges attended the wedding of Kate’s close friend, Sophie Carter. George and Charlotte were back in their famous roles, a pageboy and a bridesmaid.

Kate and Princess Charlotte
Kate, Charlotte and George

Charlotte wore a white dress with blue piping and circlet of flowers, both designed by Amaia Kids.

But, the girl had an extra accessory with her. And it seems she had taken it from her mum Kate.

As you can see in the photos, the three-year-old is holding a blue bag which perfectly matches Kate’s outfit.

The photos show how she stole the gathered satin bag from her mother’s matching blue ensemble. And sorry, Kate, but Charlotte wore it better.

Meanwhile, George wore matching cropped blue trousers, with an off-white linen shirt accessorized with a blue cummerbund, also from Amaia. And the boy was seen arching around outside the wedding venue.

The Duchess re-wore a stunning blue Catherine Walker number to match her friend’s blue wedding theme.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Pageboy George and bridesmaid Charlotte

She wore the same blue dress before, in July last year. It was during a royal visit to Berlin with her husband Prince William, and children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And yes, she also had the satin blue clutch bag which Charlotte was tightly holding on to it.

Prince William was spotted wearing the traditional British morning suit.

Sophie married Robert Snuggs at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Norfolk. She is close and long-time friend to Kate and also a godmother to bridesmaid Charlotte.

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