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One Thing William And Kate Refuse To Do In Front Of Their Kids

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the proud parents of three wonderful children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. And just like other parents, the two royals have set some rules for their children. But the children aren’t the only ones with rules, as the couple also have rules that they must follow as well, especially when it comes to what they can and can’t do in front of the children.

Rules For The Young Ones

Prince William and Kate are teaching their children to always be open and honest with their feelings. The couple is working with several mental health organizations at the moment, and it seems that they are practising what they preach, putting their children’s mental health as an important aspect to them. William and Kate have created an environment where their kids know that they can always go to them to get something out whenever they need to.

George Charlotte Louis clap for NHS workers
George, Charlotte and Louis clap for NHS workers

A rule that George, Charlotte and Louis must follow is that they must spend time being active and play outside daily. When indoors, they are only allowed to watch TV after tea and only for an hour, as well as having a 7 p.m. bedtime.

The newest rule that the royal couple has implemented is a “chat sofa.” They use this instead of time out or naughty step as it’s known in the U.K.

“There’s no ‘naughty step’ but there is a ‘chat sofa,’” a royal insider revealed to Fabulous Digital. “The naughty child is taken away from the scene of the [argument] or disruption and talked to calmly by either Kate or William.”

Who Is The Stricter Parent?

In every parent dynamic, there is one parent that is always stricter with the children, a kind of bad cop, good cop thing. And if you are wondering who the stricter parent is of the two royals, that honour definitely goes to Kate. An insider said that the Duchess is “slightly stricter” than her husband.

Prince William 38th birthday photo on a swing with George, Charlotte and Louis

Royal reporter Kate Nicholl agreed and explained how Kate is especially strict when it comes to how much time the children are allowed to spend in front of the TV. “Kate is usually very strict on screen time and keeps it to a minimum,” Nicholl told OK Magazine.

The children also have a kind of third parent, their nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, who has been with them since the beginning. She was trained at the prestigious Norland College. She keeps her decisions in line with what Kate and William’s are.

No Shouting

One rule that the two parents have is that they do not, under any circumstance, shout in front of their children.

They adopted the no-shouting rule as a family so they present a “united front”, so the children do not yell at one another either.

“There is no question of one parent saying ‘no’ and the other saying ‘yes’ later on as Kate and William want to present a unified parental front to their children,” the Fabulous Digital source said, adding, “Shouting is absolutely off-limits for the children and any hint of shouting at each other is dealt with by removal.”

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