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Outlander: Diana Gabaldon Reacted To Scotland Grave Controversy

The Series Creator, Diana Gabaldon Responds

“Outlander” creator Diana Gabaldon seems to adore the fans of her book series, but she is not afraid to call them out when she thinks they are crossing the line. The author recently sent a blunt message to fans who thought that taking selfies in front of the Culloden war graves was ok.

Gabaldon tweeted out a message to fans after coming across an article published in The Scottish Herald.

“Um, guys…?  I know almost everyone approaches Culloden with the respect due to its mournful history and the fact that it _is_ a war grave.  But for the few…maybe think twice?” she wrote.

The Scottish Sun spoke with Alasdair MacNeill, who is the head of the Jacobite group Circle of Gentlemen, dedicated to preserving Scottish Jacobite heritage.

The gentleman revealed that due to the show, the historical ground has been turned into just another tourist attraction.

MacNeill explained that he felt as if the graves at Culloden were viewed as just another prop for a Hollywood set, rather than a part of Scottish history.

“A lot of the visitors are American and seem to think they are on a film set rather than a war grave. They maybe don’t know the history,” he said.
Meanwhile, history blogger Colin MacDonald noted that many of the “Outlander” fans did act appropriately at the grave site, and only the ones that were posting the photos online were acting inappropriate and give them a bad name.

“While most Outlander fans visit Culloden respectfully, social media shows us that a minority of those visitors continue to act inappropriately around the memorial stones and mass graves.”

Even though the director may not be happy with the fans posing by the graves, she isn’t going to allow the media outlets to disrespect them.

After sharing her thoughts with the fanbase, Gabaldon came across an article published in The Scottish Sun, and she wasn’t happy with what she saw.

Culloden Memorial

The article slammed “Outlander” fans who have been taking photos by the graves, and even went as far as to post the photos with mocking captions.

The story featured several photos of fans treating the fans a mere tourist attraction rather than a piece of Scottish history.

Gabaldon, who wasn’t too thrilled with the article, stated that she already asked the fans to show some respect for the historic site.

“I politely asked them to think twice about where they were and what kind of place Culloden is,” she tweeted.

While it is unclear whether fans will continue to take selfies in front of the graves, it looks like Gabaldon has no problem speaking her mind and calling out those who act inappropriately.


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