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Outlander Season 4: Challenges The Cast Is Facing While Filming

Filming on the scenes for Outlander season 4 after the Christmas break is no easy task for the cast and crew. Caitriona Balfe (Claire) recently posted a picture online, showing just how challenging it is for them on the set.

In the picture, we can see Sam Heughan (Jamie) ducking his head inside the jacket as far as he can, with his hands in his pockets in hopes to keep warm and avoid the cold winds. The picture was taken on one of the production sets, where the cast members were given the portable chairs to sit in during breaks.

The weather in Scotland isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and it can be quite unpredictable at times. The picture seems to have been taken on location, with just an artificial partition shielding the actors from the cold winds.

Balfe joked about being given “more luxurious” sets each year on the show. Commenting on the post, part of the fans have remarked that it’s not that difficult for the actors as they get picked up by car and are driven to the filming location, and on top of that, they get a hot cup of coffee to start off their day.

However, most of the other comments suggested the fans all band together, go to the filming set and give the cast members a warm hug. And as you might expect there were quite a few volunteers that were willing to give the actors a hug.

Meanwhile, there is another unit of production that is currently in Falkland. The village Fife is a stand-in for Inverness, the Sunday Post reports. Filming there is expected to take place for two days.

A gift shop in Fife known as Fayre Earth has been turned into a furniture and hardware store, with tools of the appropriate time period as in the show displayed on the window display. Campbell’s coffee House and eatery have also been transformed into a grocery store, with fruits and vegetables stall on the outside.

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