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Outlander: Speculations For Season 4. Sam Heughan Film News

It might seem that Outlander and Christmas have e weird relationship. If you don’t believe us, just watch the episode “Freedom and Whisky” earlier this year where Claire decides to leave America and head for Scotland around the time of Christmas. With the show having acknowledged the holiday, would it be a long shot to hope for a Christmas with our favorite characters? Imagine the possibilities?

Now we cant say if Christmas ever comes up in the books, as we haven’t read it- but its an interesting concept for the show. The possibilities for a more light-hearted episode are endless, and there are so many aspects to explore. For one, Christmas in the 18th century probably is nothing like in the 1960’s. Many of the Christmas traditions we have today are from the Victorian era and we are far from it in the show. For Claire it holds some importance, as its a part of her past, a holiday she celebrated with Brianna and Frank. Christmas is a kind of a chance for Claire’s traditions in the 18th century. But how does she manage to manifest and keep alive all these traditions whose basis hasn’t been even invented yet?

Well think of it like this, if Claire begins bringing Christmas traditions into 18th century America, she could be a Christmas visionary. Maybe we would celebrate Claire, instead of our beloved Santa Claus.

All this Claire talk, but what is happening with Jamie?

Sam Heughan Film finally gets a release date

News from The Hollywood Reported have arrived about Heughans first big movie break The Spy Who Dumped Me starring alongside Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon- is set to be released in theaters on August 3. That might be a full month later than what the original plan for the release date was.

But why the change? Well, there could be tons of reasons why it was pushed back, from studios trying to position their projects when they think will attract the biggest pool of characters to production reasons. Despite this, we know that August tends to be a good month for comedies, as it isn’t the season when it might be overlooked for the bigger blockbusters.


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