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Sexy Windsors: Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are Changing The Image Of The Royal Family

After finally releasing their engagement photos, popular bloggers and royal family watchers Tom and Lorenzo have nicknamed “Hollywood Harry” and Suits actress Meghan Markle the “Sexy Windsors,” claiming that they have changed the image of the royal family. In their most recent podcast, Top made the point that Meghan will not be just another “Windsor wife”. Instead, with her years of being an actress will allow her to show a certain image to the world, and it won’t be like anything we have seen before.

While the couple does not agree on whether they liked what she wore, they did admit that they have already received tons of criticism, especially for the sheer top of the gown. Lorenzo showed his disappointment that she wore a Ralph and Russo gown just because it was more flashy in a Jenifer Lopez kind of way.

Later on, Tom did clarify that in no case does he think that she is tacky and even points out that Meghan is “flashy in Windsor terms.” Her gown is gorgeous, but by American and Hollywood standards, and quite frankly a downgrade.

Taken from their fall/winter 2016 collection, the London-based fashion designers crafted a gorgeous black tulle gown that features a silk organza skirt with appliquéd silk tulle ruffles. The top has gold feather hand-stitched threadworm. The interesting fact is that the full gown costs around $75,000 and she paid it herself.

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Tom and Lorenzo wrote on their blog on what the public should expect from Meghan’s future fashion choices.

“Choosing such a fashionable bit of couture for her engagement photo is something of a shot across the bow in terms of how she plans to manage her image. She’s definitely going her own way – and that’s going to be a good thing for the family’s public image, in the long run, we suspect.”

But what about Kate Middleton? Let us not forget the future wife of the Kind of England, as she has a far different look from Meghan. Just like her husband, Kate is more conservative in her dress choices and manners, befitting of a future queen.

The esteemed bloggers boldly stated that Kate Middleton’s icon and kind of mentor has always been Queen Elizabeth and not Diana, but it seems that Meghan is far more like Diana, without the charm.

They also have taken into consideration that Markle is very different from our dear Princess Diana, after all, she is an actress and an American, which is clearly shown by her feelings and gestures. But most of all, she brings the same kind of glamour and fashion to the royal family, much in the way how Diana did. They even stated that Harry is marrying a woman who is very similar to his mother.

The duo, especially Tom Fitzgerald, has predicted that the media will continue to be very judgmental towards Meghan, but even with that in the end, the couple will be successful and will make lots of money for lots of charities. They are the newest addition to the royal family and they are the ones who are changing how a Windsor couple should look like.

“One thing’s for sure: they’re the sexiest d*** couple this family’s ever had.”


This can be compared, to what was happening in the fall of 1980, as the media were all up on Diana right before her marriage to Charles in 1981. They scrutinized her for her lack of slip under her sheer skirt and even went so far to discuss her virginity.

According to Vanity fair, the incidents that happened, which were dubbed “Love Train” were all about the late night meetings between Lady Diana Spencer, 19 at the time, with Charles on the Royal Train in Wiltshire.

And look where we are now, her son is marrying an actress who is not afraid to share her emotions towards Harry while wearing a skimpy, mostly sheer dress. Diana had to wear a  dress that fully covered her while standing next to Charles, to appear modest while she was intended to say “Whatever ‘in love’ means,” which foreshadowed the heartbreak that would ensue before they ever tied the knot. Vanity Fair points out that Princess Diana once stated that being a princess “is not all it’s cracked up to be.” Yet, it appears that with her son Prince Harry there alongside her, Meghan Markle will do just fine.

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