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Prince Harry And Princess Charlotte Share Sweet Moment At Queen’s Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II has completed her last journey to Windsor, where she will be laid to rest alongside her late husband Prince Philip. Following the Queen’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey, her coffin was transported by the state hearse to Windsor Castle, where she had a committal service attended by the royal family.

During the service Princess Charlotte, who was seated beside her uncle Prince Harry, shared a sweet moment with her uncle. Princess Charlotte was sitting right next to uncle Harry.

Prince Harry And Princess Charlotte Share Sweet Moment At Queen’s Funeral

While settling in for the committal service, William waved to Harry and Meghan inviting them to come and be seated with his family. Harry responded with a quick nod before he and Meghan joined them.

Eagle-eyed royal fans immediately spotted the sweet moment between Prince Harry and Princess Charlotte and were quick to share their emotions on Twitter.

One wrote: “I thought I just caught a little exchange between Harry and Charlotte. I hope someone captures it on camera [crying emoji].”

Another said: “Harry and Charlotte sharing a little moment while the choir sings. So sweet”

“Cute little smile between Harry and little Charlotte [heart emoji],” a third added.

Monday 19 September marked a big day for Princess Charlotte. She and her brother George, joined senior royals at the historic event, beginning their day bypassing thousands of mourners on the streets of London as they traveled to Westminster Abbey, before they walked behind their great-grandmother’s coffin as it entered the Abbey for the Queen’s funeral.

Charlotte wore a black coat dress with pleats at the back accessorized with a small silver horseshoe pinned on the front. The Princess wore the diamond horseshoe brooch pinned to honor her late great-grandmother’s love of horses. According to PEOPLE, the brooch was gifted to the young princess by Queen Elizabeth herself.

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