Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are ENGAGED!

Clarence House has announced, Prince Harry is to marry his girlfriend Meghan Markle. The announcement was: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry apparently got engaged at the beginning of this month month in London. And Kensington Palace revealed that the wedding event will happen in spring 2018.

The official announcement said: “His Royal Highness and Ms Markle became engaged in London earlier this month. Prince Harry has informed Her Majesty The Queen and other close members of his family. Prince Harry has also sought and received the blessing of Ms Markle’s parents.

“The wedding will take place in Spring 2018. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course.

“His Royal Highness and Ms. Markle became engaged in London earlier this month. Prince Harry has informed Her Majesty The Queen and other close members of his family.

“Prince Harry has also sought and received the blessing of Ms. Markle’s parents.

“The couple will live in Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace.”

This afternoon, the couple will pose for photographs at Kensington Palace. And later, they will host on national TV in the UK discuss their engagement.

They still didn’t reveal where the ceremony will take place. However, most of the UK royals marry at Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral or the chapel at Windsor Castle.

We are not the only ones excited about Prince Harry and Meghan. His brother and Kate Middleton shared of the engagement: ‘We are very excited for Harry and Meghan. It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together’.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Also, in a Kensington Palace’s statement Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland, Meghan’s parents, said: “We are incredibly happy for Meghan and Harry. Our daughter has always been a kind and loving person.

“To see her union with Harry, who shares the same qualities, is a source of great joy for us as parents.

“We wish them a lifetime of happiness and are very excited for their future together.”

When Harry and Meghan get married, it is said that Meghan Markle will automatically take his title. As Harry is “His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales”, Meghan will be “Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales”. This means she won’t be “Princess Meghan”

“Most likely, he will be created a Duke. Sussex is available so Markle would be HRH the Duchess of Sussex. Her rank would be a princess by marriage of the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and Northern Ireland,”– Royal Historian Marlene Koenig said.

meghan markle and prince harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dating for a year and more. They were introduced to each other in London in July 2016 by their friends. Harry and Meghan made their first public appearance as a couple at the Invictus Games last September.

And after many rumors about their engagement, since they started their relationship, they finally got engaged!

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