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Prince Louis Looks Grown Up In Unseen Photo Revealed By The Queen

Recently the Queen has been carrying out her royal duties and chatting to army and navy officials, but royal fans have proven just how eagle-eyed they are and focused on a photo in the background.

Namely in photos of Her Majesty meeting with Rear Admiral James Macleod and Major General Eldon Millar during an in-person audience royal fans have spotted a new snap of the youngest of the Cambridges, Prince Louis, who it seems has certainly had a growth spurt since his last official birthday portraits (taken by mum Kate herself).

From what we’ve seen sat next to a pot of daffodils there seems to be a family portrait of several of the Queen’s great-grandkids huddled together joyfully and sat on a sofa, and while Louis’ might be the more dramatic of the growth spurts, he definitely isn’t the only one.

Apart from Prince Louis and siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the photo also seems to feature Lady Louise, Mia, Lucas and Lena Tindall, and Isla Phillips (Princess Anne’s son’s daughter), plus Her Majesty.

We know Kate is gifted with a camera, could she have taken the photo?

Royal fans have taken to Twitter and are discussing whether we will ever see this photo in hopefully a higher resolution, with royal watcher Kayla Adams who managed to recognize and identify most of the people in the photo saying: “This photo was in the background of the Queen’s engagement today… What do we think? 👀”

Another saying: “We love it. I hope the Palace will release an updated Jubilee photo of the Queen with her great-grandchildren,” and honestly we couldn’t agree more.

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