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Prince Wiliam’s Secret Childhood Trip To America Revealed

Prince William is trying to have mostly private and out of the spotlight, as much as he can a royal that is second in line to the British throne, and so far he has been successful with keeping himself and his family away from the public eye.

This isn’t something that is only just now happening, as his mother, the late Princess Diana, also wanted to have a low-profile life, so back in 1992, she sent then ten-year-old William away on secret holiday to Montana USA, where he spent an entire summer on a farm.

William's secret childhood trip to america revealed

Princess Diana made sure that the trip remained a secret, with William going with his bodyguards and staying at the E Bar L ranch near Missoula to get away from all the media attention that was surrounding Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles at the time.

Paul Beban-who was 21-year-old at the time when William arrived-talked about the experience for the first time in April 2011 for ABC News.

Paul was working at the farm, and just days before the young Prince arrived at the ranch all of the staff there were called together for a meeting to learn that they would be having a special guest come to stay with them.

They explained to the staff that William was coming here in privacy, and he would be riding, fishing, making friends and just enjoying the beauty of the place-just like all the other guests.

Paul continues, saying that William was very shy at the beginning, but he quickly came out of his shell and had a wonderful time there. To future King impressed everyone there with his horse-riding skills, and he also enjoyed to spend his time dancing, singing and making friends with the other guests. Surprisingly, he went by his nickname Will, and most of the people there knew him as such.

William's secret childhood trip to america revealed

You can take the Prince out of Britain, but can’t take the British out of the Prince, as he brought some royal traditions with him there as well. The Prince and his bodyguards even arranged a cricket match for everyone to talk part in, as well as serving up tea and cucumber sandwiches. Paul revealed that at the ranch they didn’t normally have cucumber, so someone had to go on a 50-mile journey just to buy some for the young royal.

It comes as no surprise that William went to the ranch on Diana’s request, nor the fact that he was just a “regular ten-year-old boy” there. The late Princess Diana was pretty adamant to give her sons as much of a normal upbringing as she could, showing them the world outside the palace walls, with regular visits to all kinds of places, most notably a visit to the Thorpe Park.

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