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Prince William And Princess Charlotte’s Sweet Moment You May’ve Missed

The whole Cambridge family went out on an engagement together. The family-of-five made a festive trip to the pantomime, going to watch the performance at The London Palladium in the West End. Although fans loved seeing all of them together like this, Princess Charlotte still somehow managed to steal the show.

During their entrance on the red carpet, fans noticed Princess Charlotte pulling her hand out of William’s who puts a tender hand on her head. The future King offers to take her hand again, but the Princess carries on if nothing happened, continuing walking on her own.


Sunday Andrews, royal editor for the Mail, had this to say: “Love the way Charlotte is refusing to hold Daddy’s hand!”

Another said: “I love the glimpse of an independent streak in Charlotte when she drops Daddy’s hand to walk alone, but then later reaches for his hand and then clasps his leg when they stop. She is clearly a Daddy’s girl.”

“How lovely, Charlotte has such confidence, it’s great to see them all out together,” another said.

One royal fan posted this online: “Look at the way she walks at the end as well, definitely going to be fun to watch growing up.”

Another said: “Charlotte is going to entertain us all for years to come!”

All five members of the family looked stunning, not just mom Kate, with Prince Louis just melting the hearts of fans in his blue cardigan.

The show they watched, Pantoland, stars Julian Clary and Elaine Page.

But we all know that the real star of the night was Princess Charlotte, and body language Judi James seems to agree.

She told It is Charlotte in the middle who decides to show her confidence and independence by dropping both Kate and William’s hands and walking slightly ahead with a very determined facial expression.

“William places a hand gently onto her head in a tie-sign to let her know she’s still protected and although Charlotte does partly reach back for his hand the pair miss the moment.

Prince William Kate George Charlotte and Louis

“Charlotte decides to adopt a striding, leg-kicking walk in what looks like an act of bravado to prove she’s still confident enough to go it alone but at the last minute, as their host comes out to greet them, we can see her hand snaking around her dad’s leg to show she really is happier knowing he’s there backing her up.”

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