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Prince William Reveals Sweet Christmas Moment With George Charlotte And Louis

The Duke of Cambridge is set to make the most of the holiday season, spending some well-earned quality time with Kate and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

Recently, when speaking on the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust radio station, Radio Marsden, Prince William revealed just how much he’s enjoying the holiday season as a father of three little royals.

‘When I see my children meet up with my cousins’ children, and they all have a wonderful time playing together, it’s very special,’ said the Duke.

Explaining further William said: ‘So I look forward to that a lot and obviously Christmas is a new dynamic when you have children, suddenly it’s a whole different ball game when you have the noise and excitement, so I’m enjoying the new version of Christmas in my life.’

When asked what he couldn’t live without, the Prince started with: ‘I think generally for me bringing the family together at Christmas time is always lovely because we’re quite spread out doing our things a lot of the time during the year, and so we get very few moments to come together.’

William didn’t neglect to mention that, just like most families out there we’re sure, everyone ‘gets very cross’ when they lose at games such as Monopoly or Risk!

Last Christmas Her Majesty the Queen enjoyed a quiet Christmas with late husband Prince Phillip at Windsor, rather than Sandringham, for the first time since the late 80s, fortunately, this year will be spent with relatives back at Sandringham.

Traditions have usually seen the Cambridges meet with other royals on Christmas Day to attend the annual St Mary Magdalene Church service at Sandringham, Norfolk – home to the Queen’s beloved country estate, which is still being held, however, the Queen is believed to have called off her annual pre-Christmas lunch due to the surge of COVID cases.

With no information on post-service traditions such as the Christmas Eve dinner, a six-course candlelit dinner, or an evening drinks reception.

Last Christmas marked Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ first red-carpet appearance, the Duke and Duchess had taken them to a pantomime performance commemorating key workers, while Christmas day itself featured a closed family celebration. But have no doubt, we’re sure the Cambridge household was full of fun and laughter then as it will be this year.

On an episode of the audio podcast series Time to Walk, Prince William said of his household that ‘There’s a lot of hip movements going along. There’s a lot of dressing up.’

Adding on he said that: ‘Charlotte, particularly, is running around the kitchen in her dresses and ballet stuff. It’s a really happy moment where the children just enjoy dancing, messing around, and, singing.’

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