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Prince William Reveals The Most Difficult Part Of Royal Christmas Traditions

Coming up fast is Christmas Day, an important day for many around the Globe, as is for us royal fans, with the Queen’s annual address and the church service at Sandringham.

However, we are easily able to see them walk in, but the service has been a strictly private affair. Up until Prince William’s recent appearance on Apple+’s new podcast Time to Walk, of course, where gave us a bit of an insight as to what goes on. 

Starting from the basics, with the seating arrangements, he said: “What’s very good about it is that we sit opposite each other as a family. Growing up, having my cousins sit opposite me has always been quite difficult to keep a straight face at times.

Christmas truly is a joyful time for us all, including the royals: “I have had the giggles many, many times in the service. Luckily, no one’s filming it. So you can get away with it, and on Christmas Day, it’s fun to have a giggle and enjoy yourself.”

Remembering his late grandfather Prince Phillip, the Duke said: “I have strong memories of walking down [to the church], and my grandfather, he used to walk so fast that there’d be huge gaps and spaces between all of us walking down, and there’d be us at the back with little legs trying to keep up.

You know, I think, over time, you start to feel quite attached to those moments and those memories before” Prince William shared.


It’ll be the Queen’s first Christmas without Prince Phillip, thankfully she will be surrounded by close family and traditions will be kept alive.

Recently royal expert Katie Nicholl claimed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will send their niece and nephew Christmas presents, keeping the traditions alive. Specifically, Katie said: “Yes, of course. They give gifts to the whole family and that includes all their nieces and nephews.”

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