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Prince William Shared A ‘Powerful Advice’ About Losing a Parent With Deborah James Children

Prince William gave powerful advice to the children of the late Dame Deborah James who died at the age of 40 after battling cancer, on how to cope with the loss of their mother.

Less than two months before her passing, Prince William who also lost his own mother Princess Diana at a young age, visited Deborah at her family home.

In a recent interview with The Times, James’ husband, Sebastian Bowen, talked about the Princes visit to their home.

“There was the time I opened the door to Prince William, who had come to give Deborah a damehood,” Bowen recalled.

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“He felt like a friend but he was the future king. That was bizarre. He was so relaxed; he came and sat down in the garden and had champagne with the family.”

“He’s obviously been through similar grief with the loss of his mother, so he gave powerful advice to the children that will stay with them forever,” Bowen said.

“Deborah had a glass of champagne, a glass of wine and a glass of sherry in front of her,” Bowen said. “She hadn’t been allowed a drink for months and the first thing William said was, ‘I’m glad to see you are triple parked.’ That was an immediate ice-breaker.”

Dame Deborah James died in June, after raising over £7.4 million for the Bowelbabe Fund- a charity established to raise funds for clinical trials and research into personalized medicine for cancer patients.

Following the news of her death, Prince William and Kate shared a personal message,.  

“We are so sad to hear the heartbreaking news about Dame Deborah,” the message read. “Our thoughts are with her children, her family and her loved ones. Deborah was an inspirational and unfalteringly brave woman whose legacy will live on. W & C.” 

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