Princess Charlotte Reveals Her Favorite Sport At The Commonwealth Games

On Tuesday, Princess Charlotte appeared at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, joining her parents Prince William and Kate.

During their time at the Games, the trio watched swimming, hockey and gymnastics. Charlotte also joined her parents at a SportsAid charity, which Kate has been a patron of since 2013, to learn about a program preparing the next generation of sportsmen and women for future events.

Tim Lawler, the chief executive of Sports Aid, shared that Princess Charlotte revealed her favorite sport.

Princess Charlotte Reveals Her Favorite Sport At The Commonwealth Games

He said: “I did notice the Duke and the Duchess, as we were trying to do, including Charlotte in the conversations.

“We were very mindful of that and it was really very evident the Duke and Duchess were doing that too, I suppose, include her and reassure her.

“She was charming, very willing to put the medals on the medal board, and she asked the right question, which was, ‘Where exactly should I put this?’ It was by date and she checked.

“She really, really loved seeing the swimming. But she’s interested in gymnastics, and while they’re trying lots of different sports at home, I understand. When I asked her about the sport she answered very easily and said, ‘It’s gymnastics that I like.'”

Princess Charlotte also proved her love for the sport when she watched the artistic gymnastics competition at Arena Birmingham live. She was snapped with a big smile on her face and raising her arms in the air as she watched.

Princess Charlotte Reveals Her Favorite Sport At The Commonwealth Games

In addition to gymnastics, it was also revealed that the young Princess likes archery. Paralympic gold medallist Danielle Brown tweeted: โ€œA wonderful afternoon meeting the patron of @TeamSportsAid. Great to talk about the mentoring program, and I discovered that Princess Charlotte likes archery ๐Ÿน.โ€

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