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Princess of Wales Makes Sweet Confession About Prince Louis

On Wednesday the Princess of Wales made an unexpected visit to the Royal Surrey County Hospital, where she met and talked with both the staff and the new mothers currently in their care.

While talking to the new mom’s Kate reminisced about her own children, revealing an adorable fact about her youngest, Prince Louis, who is four.

Princess Kate Had A Sweet Moment With A Newborn During Visit To Maternity Unit

When she met baby Giles Talbot-Erasmus the mother-of-three joked: “I keep thinking Louis is a baby but he’s a big boy now. It just feels like yesterday.”

Kate also compared the cute pose the newborn was into her eldest son. “George was so huddled up too, he spent quite a few days like that,” she shared.

This visit to the hospital’s baby unit marked Kate’s first solo engagement since the end of the mourning period after the Queen’s death, as well as her solo debut with her new title-Princess of Wales.

She got to meet some other mothers and their newborns during her visits, such as Bianca Moran, who was born at 34 weeks and five days and was being looked after by a specialist team at the hospital. “She’s very sweet.”-the Princess told Bianca’s mom Sylvia as she tenderly held the newborn.

The royal also spent some time with parents and babies who had been born in the previous 48 hours, sharing stories about the birth and bonding over the shared experiences.

Princess Kate thoughtfully said: “No matter how much everyone tells you what you expect, it’s a shock to the system isn’t it? You have this idea of what will happen but every single birth is different.”

Princess of Wales made an unexpected visit to the Royal Surrey County Hospital

She went on: “As nurturing as I know the hospital is, there’s nothing like being in your own home. And I bet your families are desperate to see you all.”

Although this visit was a surprise, Kate is known for her work in early childhood development and research, besides her general love of children.

Recently she has revealed an interesting fact about her and Prince William. When she visited the Children’s Museum in Copenhagen, she talked with the parents and their babies, jokingly telling them how her husband Prince William worries about her working with children one year old or younger, because she returns home wanting “another one”.

Perhaps we will see little Cambridge number four in the future.

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