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Pushed Throughout Three Children: Kate Middleton’s Favourite Pram Used By Prince George, Princess Charlotte And Prince Louis

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most down to earth royals when it comes to dressing her children. Thrifty Kate has even recycled Prince George’s clothes for his little sister Princess Charlotte, and it seems it will be same for the newest addition to the family, Prince Louis. Apart from clothes, we expect that Kate will be also reusing lots of old baby items for her newborn-including her state-of-the-art pram.

The Duchess stuck to royal tradition when she chose a Silver Cross baby carriage for her first son George in 2013. The fresh mom picked a luxurious buggy, reported to have cost around 1,600 pounds, which is still in use today for her third child, Prince Louis.

Prince Louis baby carriage

The navy pram features a mattress and deeply padded bamboo liner that helps regulate temperature as well as offer anti-bacterial properties to create “the perfect cozy environment” for the baby. The pram also features a quilted exterior, which is complemented by the polished chrome chassis, chrome-spoked wheels, and hand-stitched leatherette details.

Prince George’s pushchair is somewhat a mix between traditional prams for royal babies and more modern baby buggies. With some guidance from her mom Carole Middleton, Kate asked for specific features to be included. One of the extra add-ons she requested was an insect net, which has now become a standard feature across all Silver Cross prams.

Kate Middleton's Favourite Pram Used By Prince George, Princess Charlotte And Prince Louis

“The Duchess of Cambridge is certainly helping us with our product development,” Nick Paxton, CEO of the brand, told CNN in 2015. “We supplied a couple of extra accessories including an insect net. It was a very good summer when Prince George was born. Our head of design went to the Middleton family home and presented it to the Duchess’ mum. We did a full demonstration so that the product was safe and used correctly.”

Often called the “Rolls-Royce of prams, Silver Cross received a royal warrant in the early 20th century, after which they gave some of their classic coaches some truly regal names, such as the Balmoral and the Kensington. The Queen was actually the first royal baby to be cared for in a pram by the Yorkshire manufacturer-a tradition that has been passed down through generations. Prince William and Prince Harry were both pushed around in Silver Cross buggies by their mum Princess Diana, as were their cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

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