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The Reason Why Prince William Wears Two Watches

Last week, Prince William and Kate have made their first joint official visit to Cornwall since becoming the new Duke and Duchess. The royal couple visited Falmouth and participated in a series of engagements to get to know the locals and learn more about their history.
While Princess Kate opted for her Chestnut brown Hobbs London Celeste coat, Prince William made an unusual style choice, opting to wear two watches, with one on either wrist.

He was sporting his Omega Seamaster 300m, a present from Princess Diana that he has worn for more than 20 years, on one arm. But, he also wore the cutting-edge Garmin Forerunner 245 smartwatch on his other arm.

The Reason Why Prince William Wears Two Watches

It’s unlikely that William would give up wearing his Omega watch, because of the sentimental significance, in favor of a less fashionable wristwatch, but his Garmin is a lifestyle decision that enables the renown royal fitness enthusiast to keep track of his workout.

Not only Prince William but also his late mother Princess Diana was seen wearing two timepieces on occasion- at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor, England back in 1981.

According to Marie Claire UK, Diana made the dual timepiece decision to wish Prince Charles luck in the Polo match. It is so sweet, don’t you think?

Throughout her royal career, Diana paid homage to loved ones with her clothing and jewelry, a practice Princess Kate has continued.

Kate not only wears Diana’s engagement ring, but her favorite tiaras. She has also been pictured wearing jewelry that both William and her sister Pippa Middleton gave to her.

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