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What Is The Reason We Won’t See Meghan Markle In Public In The Coming Months?

As the big day is slowly creeping up on us, Meghan Markle will take a step back from the public engagements with Prince Harry.

Until now it was impossible not to catch Meghan’s smile beaming from absolutely everywhere. But the fans, eager to catch a glimpse of the future Duchess, may be out of luck.

Since Prince Harry and Meghan’s interview after their engagement was officially announced, she has been keeping a low profile.

And it is likely to stay that way for the next few months.

Meghan is expected to make an appearance with her in-laws on December 25 when all the royals dutifully troop to church in Sandringham for their annual Christmas service.

Meghan’s non-royal days are numbered. According to Entertainment Weekly, the palace says “she intends to travel for the next couple of months, visiting her family and friends before she settles into her new life at Kensington Palace.”

As we all know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding will happen in May. And Meghan will then finally become part of the Royal Family.

After their big day, are many rules that will lead Meghan in how she spends her time, how she behaves when she is representing the Royals in public.

She will accompany her husband, Prince Harry, on royal tours around the world.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they went on their first tour just a few months after their wedding. Talking about Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, who also went to Canada, visited the country one year after they got married.

It is possible that Harry and Meghan’s first royal tour will happen in the autumn. Meghan will also undergo extensive royal training both ahead of her wedding and in the months afterward.

The founder and director of etiquette company Beaumont Etiquette, Myka Meier, explained to “When she meets representatives from foreign countries, she must know how to meet and greet them.

Meghan will also need to learn things like how to curtsey.”

And considering the actress’s history, we expect that she will focus on charity work too. Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton are founders of The Royal Foundation in 2011. The foundation is about supporting the Armed Forces, conservation, and young people.

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