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What’s Jamie Faith, If Outlander Follows The Book

We have been following our favorite hero for three seasons. Throughout the Starz drama series Jamie Fraser, played by Sam Heughan, has been nothing but a near-perfect-hero. The executive producer Matthew B. Roberts joked with us on set last year, “Jamie, let’s face it — he’s a pretty awesome guy. He does most things really well. He’s handsome. As far as we can tell, he gets seasick and he can’t wink. These are his flaws.”

“That’s a tough character to write,” Roberts added with a laugh.

However, it seems that the writers of Outlander have no such problem, as they are doing one hell of a job of making Jamie come to life on screen. And of course Heughan’s great acting helps. Give this man an Emmy already, TV academy!

If you are one of the few people that have read the Outlander books, you must be exited to find out how Jamie’s story unfolds.

But if you aren’t the biggest fan of Diana Gabaldon, don’t worry we got you covered. Here is a quick recap of every major event that has happened in the books.

Be warned spoilers ahead- dough.


In the fourth book, Jamie, Claire, Ian and Fergus have washed ashore in South Carolina.

On their way to the North Carolina plantation which is owned by Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta, they run into the dastardly Stephen Bonnet. Jamie’s aunt will be played by Maria Doyle Kennedy, most known for Orphan Black.

Jamie helps him escape, thinking that he is a friend of one of Jamie’s former Ardsmuir prison mates. That will later prove to be, quite the mistake, as he later on robs them of their remaining treasure and money they had. To make things worse he turns out to be the man that rapes Brianna. That happens when she travels back in time to warn her parents after finding their death notice in an old paper.

Upon arriving at River Run, Jamie quickly realizes that his Aunt wants to name him her heir (to keep would-be suitors from sniffing around her estate). However, he doesn’t want that so he has to politely decline. Instead he takes tract of land nearby to settle, under one condition, that Jamie will answer the Governor of North Carolina Tryon if he calls for aid.

As they settle more and more ex-inmates from Ardsmuir Prison on Frasers Ridge (remember, all of Jamie’s prison companions were shipped off to the Colonies, so this is where we think we’ll see Murtagh again), Lord John Grey pays Jamie a visit accompanied by his “step-son,” giving Jamie a chance to spend time with his son.

That’s not the only child he will meet in the books. While Jamie and Claire are settling in North Carolina, Brianna appears at Lallybroch in 18th-century Scotland, in search for her parents. After a long trip, during which Roger Wakefield catches up to her and they end up getting married, she then arrives at Frasers Ridge. Due to a misunderstanding, Jamie thinks that it is Roger who raped Brianna (instead of Bonnet) and because of that he beats Roger pretty badly and then hands him over to some local Native Americans as a prisoner.

When the misunderstanding is realized, Jamie, Claire and Ian manage somehow to rescue Roger (Ian manages to infiltrate the tribe by pretending to be a dead member of the Mohawk tribe), then they return to River Run, where Brianna gives birth to a son, Jeremiah (Jemmy), but we don’t know the child’s real father, as it can be either Rogers or Bonnets. Roger says that he will be the child’s father no matter who his real father might be.


Governor Tryon calls upon Jamie and orders him to form a militia. The militia leaves Frasers Ridge for only a month, before an order from Tryon comes stating that it should be disbanded (for now).

When the family attends Aunt Jocasta’s wedding at River Run, they encounter Stephen Bonnet yet again, this time working with an accomplice to try and rob Jamie and Jocasta. They were searching for the gold of King Louis XV, who had sent it to Bonnie Prince Charlie to aid in the rebellion, but Jamie and Jocasta don’t have it.

The militia, now with the official name of Frasers Company, is reformed in the Spring (Around April 1771). As they engage in the battle of Alamance, Roger is caught and thought to be a rebel and is to be hanged. Jamie luckily saves him just in the nick of time. They return to Frasers Ridge and continue their daily struggle of living on the frontier.

In the Spring of 1772, Roger and Jamie are off on a mission to kill Stephen Bonnet. But, they miss their shot and Bonnet ends up finding Brianna, Marsali, and the children. He attempts to kidnap Jemmy, whom he thinks is his son. Brianna saves her son by shooting Bonnet, but only wounds him and he gets away.


Jamie has become a “Indian agent”, a person who is authorized to interact with the native American tribes on the behalf of the US government. He also creates a Committee of Safety fir his tenants at Frasers Ridge. Fun fact: Committees Of Safety were actually a real thing in the Revolutionary War. They were made up of Patriots (people who were fighting against the British crown) and their role was to act as a governing bodies, deriving their authority from provincial congresses (which would later become the US states). So in short, The Committee of Safety was one of the first forms of local government in the US.

Jamie is often on the road, travelling in the area, helping tenants and parlaying with the local Native Americans. During of one those trips,  a group of criminals kidnap Claire that include a certain time traveler, Wendigo Donner. While captured, Claire endures physical abuse and sexual assault. Jamie, Ian, Fergus and Co. eventually get to rescuing her. They massacre almost everyone involved.

As the Revolutionary War starts, Jamie stops his work as an Indian agent for the government. Then he starts working for the rebels. In February 1776, he gathers all the men of Frasers Ridge. They go to Wilmington to join the rebel militias. After a couple of months of fighting Jamie’s returns to Fraser Ridge and sets to send Brianna, Roger, Jemmy and their new baby, Amanda, back through he use of the stones because Mandy has a life-threatening heart murmur, which cannot be repaired in the 18th century.

After their departure, Claire and Jamie still have to deal with the problem with Donner and his companions, looking for gemstones because they help with traveling through the stones. The men loot Jamie and Claires big log cabin house. However they all perish by the hand of the fire that Ian starts. With almost everything gone, his house, his family, Jamie says that they must return to Scotland to get his printing press.

If the show cathces up, what would most likely be the season six finale, as it is a fitting cliffhanger ending. It is a huge turning point for the books and could make for an natural ending if the network isnt interested in continuing to seasons seven, eight or nine.


And of course, our heroes cant have a break. They set sail aboard the Tranquil Teal. But, they are intercepted by a British naval ship and Jamie and Ian are forced into service. All three of them (because Claire doesnt let Jamie go anywhere alone) manage to escape from the Brits and join a rebel militia. Claire is welcomed there as her medical expertise is quite useful. When Jamie’s cousin Simon Fraser, is killed in battle, General Gates asks them if Jamie could escort Simons body back to Scotland. So they do eventually set sail for Scotland.

They arrive at Lallybroch in early 1778 only to find a dying Ian Murray. He is Ians father and Jamies best friend. They prepare to stay for some time but they get a letter form Marsali that back in America her son Hanri-Christian who was born with Dwarfism, is in need of life-saving surgery. Claire and Ian head back to America while Jamie stays with  Ian until his last breath.

Then, quite shockingly Jenny, who has never left Lallybroch, decides to sail to America with her brother. Jamie books them a passage onboard of the Eutrepe. However, they end up missing this ship and have to take another one a couple of days later. That turns out to be quite the lucky thing for them, as the Eutrepe sinks en route to America, so Claire and Lord John believe that Jamie has drowned at sea. A British captain suspects that Claire is a spy and want to arrest her. So, she has to marry Lord John for protection.

When Jamie finally arrives in Philadelphia, he heads to get Claire from Lord John, but instead encounters a grown William, who catches on that he is his father, as the resemblance is uncanny. Jamie also find out that Claire and Lord John have become quite intimate while he was gone.

But there is another story that is happening at the same time…kinda. While this takes place at 1770s, Roger and Brianna think Jemmy is being kidnapped in 1980 and is taken back to 1739 to find his grandfathers gold. Roger gives chance, even though Jemmy isnt actually in 1739, and soon Brianna , Jemmy and Mandy follow suit.


Jamie and Claire are finally reunite( for god knows the which time) in Philadelphia and join generals Washingtons army (you heard me right, that George Wahington, aka the first US president. Lord John pledges his allegiance to the rebel forces and together the set out to save William form the British.

At one moment, both lord John and Ian are caught by the british. And then Claire gets shot as the mission turns into a quest to locate lord johns nephew Benjamin. Meanwhile, Fergus and Marsalis Philadelphia print shop burns down. The tragedy becomes even greater as the little-4-year-old Henri-Christian dies in the fire. This causes the Frasers and Murrays (Ian and his wife, Rachel) to move to Savannah, GA. Fergus, Marsali, and their two daughters settle there, while Jamie, Claire, Ian, Rachel, Jenny, and Fergus’s eldest child, Germain, head back to Fraser’s Ridge.

At the end of the novel, Brianna, Roger, and their two children return to Fraser’s Ridge as well.

By this point, it is the summer of 1779, and Jamie and Claire are in their late 50s/early 60s. It will be rather amazing if Outlander makes it this far. And this isn’t even the last book in the series!

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