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Riverdale: What Is The Meaning Behind The “S” On Jughead’s Shirt

The American TV series, Riverdale, has used many ways to honor Archie Comics.

However, the costume choices are still one of the coolest ways. While as a symbol of the previous 75 years are the period costumes, comic-book personas are an inspiration to the characters’ ensembles too.

Not only the show gives a modern update to Jughead’s iconic crown, but we can notice the character wears sports shirts that have the letter “S” on them.

It is obvious that this also takes inspiration from the comics, where Jughead usually wears a sweater with an “S”. But we are still wondering what is the meaning behind that letter?

Apparently, it appears to be one of Archie Comics’ biggest mysteries. There were multiple guesses and jokes about the hidden meaning behind the “S” like “starving” or “sandwich”. However, we still haven’t found out the real and official answer.

Still, there is one time we got close to it when Jughead’s family was about to move away from Riverdale and he decided to let Archie in on the secret. And before he revealed him the truth, the father of Jughead dad knocked on the door and said to him that after all, they’re not moving.

Even though Archie Comics has never revealed the meaning, Bob Montana, the widow of Archie comic strips’ creator has. Apparently, it represents the place in the town Riverdale is based on, Skunk Hill in Haverhill, MA. That is the place where Montana grew up and that he turned into Squirrel Hill, according to Peg Bertholet.

Bertholet continued that Montana’s elementary school mascot was the Tigers. Actually, the “S” on “Jughead’s shirts stands for ‘Squirrel Hill Independent Tigers’ and you couldn’t abbreviate it any other way.”

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