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Royal Photographer Reveals Why William Invited Meghan On Walkabout

Arthur Edwards, a royal photographer, has given the public a fascinating look into the royal family’s relationships with each other following Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

Edwards, a royal photographer, expressed his surprise that King Charles had mentioned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in his first address, later inviting the couple to join him outside Windsor Castle.


“When Prince [Charles] said he loved Harry and Meghan in his speech that shook me as well. Then when Meghan got out of the car, I was amazed,” said Arthur.

“But obviously William has got to do something about it. He spoke to his brother and said, ‘Let’s make a combined effort here.’

Obviously, this was done to minimize their impact, especially on the day of the funeral.

“They did it because if Meghan had turned up for the funeral on Monday all the papers would be talking about Meghan and the King does not want that. He wants it all about The Queen and nothing else. No distractions. Whether they will get back together who knows, there is a big rift between the brothers.”

During the same interview with Piers Morgan, Edwards also delves into the new King and his relationship with him.

“He [King Charles] always said, ‘History will judge me.’ And now, people are seeing him for the man he is,” he replied.

“The man I’ve been working with… He’s a fantastic person. He knows everybody in the world, every Prime Minister, every Head of State. He’s so well connected. He’s travelled the world. We were in Rwanda in June with all the heads of government there and they all pay great homage to him.”

“The reason I still work, Piers, is because I work with this man and The Queen, the new Queen Camilla. They are just fabulous people. I really enjoy it. If I’ve got a job with say the King, the next one will probably be on Wednesday when they follow the coffin. I will look to him, but he will be solid,” Arthur concluded.

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