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Sweet Photos Show Princess Diana And Kate’s Similar Parenting Style

The 2019 King’s Cup was filled with all kinds of moments and we won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

The spotlight was, of course, on the royals, both the ones acting as skippers showing off their nautical skills, as well as the ones in the audience stands. How can royal fans forget when Princess Charlotte stuck out her tongue as her mum Kate was pointing out granddad Michael Middleton in the crowd.

The Duchess had an even cuter reaction to the whole thing, doing what any parent should when their four-year-old daughter is acting up, and that is playfully telling her off and then bursting into a fit of laughter.

This heartwarming response has led some royal fans to start comparing Kate’s parenting skills to those of Princess Diana, who had a great relationship with both her sons, a relationship that was closely documented by the media. So maybe the Duchess of Cambridge picked up some tips and tricks from her late mother-in-law.

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Back in 1993, Princess Diana took William and Harry on a trip to Thorpe Park, a Chertsey-based theme park, where multiple of the most thrilling rides in the UK are located. During their visit, the royal trio jumped in the winding flume ride called Logger’s Leap, and if you take a look at photos taken from that day, you will see that they had the time of their lives. In some of the photos, we can see an absolutely soaking wet Diana-smiling and having a blast-just further reinforcing her joyful nature.

Princess Diana Harry William

All throughout the visit, Princess Diana and the two little Princes queued up for every ride at the theme park and the Princess made sure that her boys received no special treatment. Diana even let the boys ride a rollercoaster alone.

It is impossible not to see the similarities between Kate’s cute response to Charlotte poking out her tongue and Diana’s delight at being soaked on a log ride with her young lads. Both women have a loving, down-to-earth, carefree parenting style, oftentimes sharing magical moments with their children and we just have the luck to have them caught by the camera. It is truly beautiful when someone enjoys being a mother.

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