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The Adorable Way Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Named Their Royal Wedding Seating Plan

Meghan Markle’s, now Duchess of Sussex, close friend Janina Gavankar has revealed some details about her friend’s recent royal wedding to Prince Harry-she told Town and Country that the couple wanted to honor the fact that their guest is a mix from American and British backgrounds, and what better way than giving their table names of foods that are spelled differently in both cultures. Such examples include “Potato, potato, tomato, tomato, oregano, oregano,” she told the publication, listing the table names. “It was so sweet. There were so many nods to the beautiful mashup of two cultures.”

Janina Gavankar

The actress also addressed the fact that her attendance at the wedding was unknown until the day the wedding took place, explaining that she had done it out of respect for Meghan and Harry. “In the end, this was a wedding, an actual wedding, between two people, who are real people that fell in love. And people who know them know that this is a private moment that was not allowed to be private,” she told the publication.

royal wedding

“It wasn’t a priority for me to have my publicist announce I was going. My priority will always be my friend. I’m not there for you, I’m there for her,” she continued. But despite the excited crowds and TV viewers all over the world, she agreed the ceremony was intimate and heart-warming. “In many ways, it felt like a small wedding. If you were in the chapel, it felt like a small wedding because we didn’t see Meghan’s massive walk up the church aisle that preceded the [quire]. It felt like we were just right there with her, with both of them.


“One thing that made many of us giggle was that we could hear the wonderful people outside. When the vows were happening, they would cheer, and we could hear them. It was a very quiet chapel. We all followed the Queen’s lead,” she said. “But we could hear everyone cheer and it was so heartwarming. Really, it filled our hearts.”

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