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Prince William Told A Dirty Joke During His Best Man Speech At Harry And Meghan’s Wedding

Nothing held him back.

You might think that by having the future heir to the British throne as best man, you will be spared from some kind of humiliation during the best man speech.

But Prince William didn’t mind as he didn’t hold back while giving the speech to his brother Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

And as it seems, it was no ordinary speech that we all imagined.

One of the guests presents there told the Sunday Times that the second in line to the throne made a “dirty” joke about wet knickers.

Unfortunately, the full joke is yet to be revealed- but we do hope that we will get to hear it at some point.

William also proved quite the prankster, pranking his little brother at the party, which reportedly left some guests rolling on the floor.

Harry’s pal Charlie can Straubezee also had some words for the groom, about his ginger hair to be more precise.

According to the Times, he questioned Harry’s behavior during the time he was acting as dorm monitor at Ludgrove School in Berkshire, where they were both students.

prince william on harry and meghan wedding

He said: “All I wanted was a cuddle from my mummy.

“Instead Harry nicked my teddy bear and chucked it out on to the roof. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you, how can you put someone in charge of a dorm when that someone is worse behaved than the whole dorm combined?”

Harry reportedly also had some time to shine as he moved some of the guests to tears as he gushed over his new wife and paid tribute to her mom Doria.

Meghan read an emotional love poem and declared she had finally “found her prince”.

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