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The Future Of Outlander: Will There Be Season 5 And 6?


We still have no word on whether Outlander will be renewed for a season 5 and 6. However, there are currently talks to bring more of the Jamie and Claire romance and adventures to the fans. We might get some kind of confirmation after there has been an deal in place.


This renewal announcement is long overdue, as the show has gained a cult following and is growing in popularity fast. Starz had no problem with renewing the show for a third and fourth season so this should be the same. But due to Starz and Sony falling behind on working out a deal, it is uncertain for how long it will be delayed.

Starz CEO and TCA President and CEO Chris Albrecht recently confirmed in a statement that their team is currently in  “very productive discussions around the future of the show” with executives of Sony, Deadline reports.  However, he did not say when the fans should expect an announcement.

There have been other problems for Starz after Optimum decided to drop all the shows from their network. And for the time being fans of the show from the US will not be able to enjoy their show on Optimum. At the moment, there are discussions in progress. However, there hasn’t been a deal that has been worked out yet to try and keep the shows on air in America.

“Outlander” fans need not worry too much about the future of the show at this point. “I wouldn’t worry,” Albrecht said when asked about the renewal. He also pointed out that the show is going “amazingly.” And apparently there are still ten books to go, suggesting that the intention is to adapt all the books.

“I think our biggest problem will be making sure that we don’t kill Caitriona and Sam along the way, they are working so hard, especially Caitriona, she’s amazing,” Albrecht said. He also added that the two stars deserve all the awards they have received so far.

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