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The Impact Prince Louis Birthday Photo Had On British Cycle

It seems that Prince Louis is already to on his way to his very own effect, much like his mother Kate and sister Charlotte. With only one photo the young Prince has managed to sell out an item from a British cycling firm.

Prince Louis celebrated his third birthday this Friday, with his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, sharing one photo of the young royal on a balance bike. Since then, the £190 red Tadpole+ balance bike has been sold out.

Prince Louis Bikes To School In New Photo Released For Third Birthday

After this photo, the cycle maker Frog Bikes has sold the entire stock of the item. The product is a £190 red Tadpole+ balance bike. Other models, such as the 10in model at 170 and a larger 14in machine costing £200, have also been sold out.

The company, based in Ascot, was set up back in 2013 by Jerry and Shelley Lawson after they struggled to find bikes for their children.

Spokeswoman Val Benyon said: “We’re delighted to see Louis on one of our bikes.

“It’s great to see a British brand being pushed by the royals.”

It seems that the Prince has had a great birthday, all thanks to his parents Prince William and Kate. With all the commotion in the royal family at the moment, especially with the tragedy that was the death of his great-grandfather Prince Philip, the royal family is in a period of mourning for the time being.

With the members of the royal family paying their respects to the Duke of Edinburgh last Saturday, hopefully they will have better moments to look back on this period.

The family-of-five spent the birthday at their home in Kensington Palace, not being to afford a big party as government restrictions for the global pandemic are still in place.

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