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The Major Difference Between The Queen And Prince Philip’s Death Certificate

Queen Elizabeth II, England’s longest-ruling monarch, passed away “peacefully” on September 8th at her Balmoral residence in Scotland. Now, with three weeks have passed, Queen Elizabeth’s death certificate was just released this Thursday, revealing that she died of old age.

However, there is a certain difference between her death certificate and that of her late husband Prince Philip. The Queen’s has the time of death listed, while the Duke of Edinburgh has omitted this detail. That was also the case for the death certificate of the Queen Mother, who passed away in 2002 at the age of 101.

There was some uncertainty about whether the monarch’s death certificate would be released. Still, under the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Scotland) Act of 1965, all deaths must be registered within seven days – and this includes the submission of a death certificate to a registrar.

The law is different in England, governed by the Registration Act of 1836, and does not apply to the monarch.

Just like her husband, the Queen passed away from old age, with the Duke‘scause of death being shared by the Head of the Medical Household one month later.

Both of them seemed to have passed away peacefully, with the Countess of Wessex giving her account of what happened when her father-in-law passed away on April 9th 2021.

“It was right for him. It was so gentle,” Sophie shared. “It was just like somebody took him by the hand and off he went.”

The royals haven’t really talked about the Queen’s passing, but Prince William has shared some details about what happened on the day she died.

He shared that he had seen five rainbows over Balmoral following the death of the Queen. His wife, Kate then added: “Her Majesty was looking down on us.”

The Queen was staying at her Scottish residence of Balmoral on September 8th when her health quickly deteriorated. On the day when she passed, rainbows were seen over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Another rainbow formed over Westminster Hall on the day before her lying in state came to a close.

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