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The One Colour That Kate And Meghan Have Never Worn

Kate and Meghan are not just members of the royal family! They are fashion icons!

Both Duchesses are known for their impeccable sense of style. But, if you look closely, at their array of different wardrobe looks, you’ll notice that there’s one colour Kate and Meghan have never once worn. And probably never will. 

Neither royal has ever been spotted wearing orange!

According to The Sun, there isn’t an unspoken rule or tradition that says that Meghan and Kate can’t wear orange. But, there are a few theories about that.

One theory is that the colour doesn’t photograph well, which would make the ladies look a little pale or dull in photos.

Another one is that the Duchesses avoid the Colour for Queen Elizabeth II. She isn’t afraid of the colour and has worn it out on a few occasions, including Christmas. When they’re with the monarch, they opt to wear lighter colours so that the Queen’s bright colours aren’t overshadowed.

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Daisy Schubert, a style expert, had earlier revealed that Kate doesn’t wear orange because it doesn’t suit her natural features. “I believe that Kate is a ‘winter’ colour type,” Schubert explained. “If my suspicion is correct, she would look dreadful in orange and does well to avoid it.”

“Having a cool, blue undertone means that the orange colour pigments would clash with her natural features. You’d only see the dress, not her!” the expert continued.

As for Meghan, she loves dressing in neutral tones but, on occasion, she hasn’t shied away from a dab of colour too.

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Currently, both Kate and Meghan are enjoying their summer holidays. Kate and her family are spending some quality time with the Queen in Balmoral. Meghan is still on maternity leave since giving birth to baby Archie. We expect to see her back in October when she attends the One Young World’s annual summit.

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