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The Queen Is Not Longer The Most Popular Royal. There’s A New Winner

And other ways how to click bait. No, we are not talking about the ****storm that the US elections were or that someone has taken the British throne.

Recently, there was survey made in Britain to see which member of the Royal Family was the most popular one. Them being the most popular and influential people in Britain. For a long time it was the Queen herself, but in this years survey, we have an upset. The Queen is no longer numero uno, as a new royal sits on top of the popularity charts.


And what are the final results?

And Britain’s favorite royal is drum roll please, Prince Harry. It should come as no surprise that the Duke of Sussex has been placed at the top of popularity charts, with 77 percent of people saying that they are huge fans of the royal ginger. In a close second came his grandmother, who got 74 percent approval. Not too bad for a 92-year old.

And what’s not to like? He is charming, funny, charitable, handsome, not to mention a redhead. The whole deal. And we think that his rough and scandalous past helps him more than it harms him when it comes to the people’s opinion about him. So how can our dear Queen fight against this? We are sure that the Queen won’t mind that the people love her grandchildren more than her, after all, they are the future face of the monarchy.

Prince Harry

What about the rest of the list?

The Duchess of Sussex seems to have more luck overseas than at good old’ Britain. Meghan came in sixths, with only half of the people saying that they were fond of the L.A. actress turned royal.

But only time will truly tell. She has been a royal for only half a year, so it might not be fair to judge just yet.

What about the rest of the royal family?

Meghan Markle Kate Middleton Prince William & Prince Harry

Prince William secured the third spot with 73 percent approval, with his wife Kate Middleton right behind him in fourth. Somebody has been watching F1. She only got a score of 64 percent, which disappoints us a bit. Show some love for the mother of three. Somewhat of a surprise was Prince Phillip, who, despite retiring from royal duties back in 2017, still holds his popularity, and came in fifth.

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