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The Queen Reportedly Considers William And Kate Better For The Monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II, being in the group that are at extra risk of the virus, had to make a major change as she stepped back from her duties for a yet undefined period for the first time in her long reign.

The global pandemic, that is still raging in some parts of the world, affected the lives of many, forcing them to adapt to a new way of working, from the regular working man to the royals in their palaces, no one was safe. Each and every one of us faced all kind of challenges, even the monarch of the British kingdom.

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Thankfully the monarch has quite a few people she can rely on, and in these uncertain times there is one royal in particular that stepped up, that the Queen has described as being her “rock”. That royal being Kate Middleton.

A royal source spilt the inside secrets to Us Weekly, saying: “These are strange times for everyone, senior royals included, and having Kate as her rock has made it so much easier for the queen to adapt to her new life at Windsor.”

“More than anything, knowing she can rely on Kate and Prince William to handle matters in her absence is the greatest comfort she could ask for,” added the insider.

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge is aware of the role his wife has taken up, being the ‘backbone’ of the royal family, saying: “He’s relieved to have Kate to depend on and refers to her as his better half.”

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“Their approach to everything is similar—they embody that ‘Keep calm and carry on’ mentality, choosing to focus on positives when things get tough…Kate’s a genius at stepping back, breathing deeply and then approaching any difficulty with a level head,” he added.

This comes despite Prince Charles being the eldest child of the Queen and first-in-line to the throne, it seems that the monarch would prefer the dynamic duo of the Cambridges to be the actual future of the monarchy as she “trusts [their] judgement implicitly.”

“Kate asks for advice about speeches she’s due to make, whom she can depend on most within the palace and protocol dos and don’ts. The queen’s more than happy to impart her wisdom—she’s proud to be Catherine’s go-to adviser about royal life,” revealed the source.

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