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The Secret Engagement That The Duke of Sussex Attended Revealed

Earlier this year, Prince Harry returned to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the place where the Prince trained to become an officer, and while there he gets to talk on a subject that is close to his heart, it has been revealed. The Duke of Sussex was one of the guest speakers at the Field Army Health Conference, where he got the chance to give a lecture on mental health alongside former England football player Rio Ferdinand.

This secret engagement was revealed by a former Household Cavalry colleague who has taken on his own mental health project, working hard on raising awareness on the issue. He has been carrying a ball and chain for the cause, literally and metaphorically.  Warrant Officer First Class Steve Parker, Command Corporal Major was asked to take on the challenge to help a new charity but he got a shock when he said he could not do it this week.

“My commanding officer strapped it on to me on Monday and said ‘you can’t choose when you have mental health problems’,” said WO1 Parker, who served in the same Squadron as Harry when they were in the Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals. “It’s showing the burden we all have to carry,” he added.

The senior soldier discussed the goal of the Duchess of Cornwall when he visited London’s Victory Service Club on Thursday. The Duchess has the role of patron-in-chief of the club. He even gave the three-kilogram ball to Camilla so that the royal could feel its weight, with the Duchess remarking that he is doing it for a worthy cause.

WO1 Parker said about The Duke of Sussex: “He’s been in Sandhurst attending the Field Army Health Conference, he was giving a full briefing about mental health. It’s really important we have that conversation now, it’s taken a long time. I don’t just think it’s about the military, society as a whole has an issue.”

Prince Harry, along with his wife Meghan and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, has taken mental health very seriously, supporting all kinds of causes connected with it. The four worked on the Heads Together campaign. Despite the two households officially splitting and going their own paths, the two royal couples are expected to continue working together on this campaign in the future.

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