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The Secret Meaning Behind Meghan’s Gold Ring

Ever since she became a royal back in May, Meghan Markle has constantly wowed the public with her impeccable fashion style and stunning outfits. She also uses her fashion choices as a way to deliver several messages about her point of view.

Her latest outfit, is no different, as Meghan wore a $440 AUD ring for her solo visit to the Royal Variety nursing home on Tuesday. But the ring seems to have a secret meaning. The ‘Hamsa’ piece of jewellery, by Turkish accessory label Kismet by Milka, is said to bring its wearer protection, happiness, luck, health and good fortune.

Meghan Markle


 ‘[The ring] has an evil eye ring to repel negativity – yes!,’ one Twitter user commented of the ring.

‘A ring of protection, very sweet!’ another added.

Another user wrote that it is there to symbolise ‘protection from the evil eye’.

The ring is made in the shape of the ‘Hamsa Hand’, an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God, and is decorated with a delicate sapphire.

The choice of accessory fits right in with the situation the Duchess is in at the moment, with all the stories about her growing rift with her father and she and Prince Harry’s recent Christmas card choice(which we love).

In an interview with the designer of the jewellery line, Milka told the Daily Mail that she first began designing jewellery at the age of just seven years old. She hand-crafted an assemblage of unique pieces and sold them in Turkey.

Hamsa ring Meghan markle

Several years later, world-renowned stars have gone on the red carpets while wearing her designs:

‘I had a dream and I made it come true with hard work. Seeing Madonna and Beyoncé wear my designs, it is amazing to see strong women doing that – and that’s what I want, to empower strong women,’ she told FEMAIL.

This isn’t the first time that the Duchess of Sussex has used her fashion choices to make a point. Way back in September 2017, Meghan made headlines when she wore a ‘Husband’ named shirt by her friend Misha Nonoo when she and Harry made their very first joint public appearance at the Invictus Games in Toronto in September 2017-eight months before the couple would officially exchange wedding rings at Windsor.

Meghan Markle

More recently, when she and Harry were in Sydney, just 24 after announcing her pregnancy, the future mother decided to go for a beautiful white dress by the Australian designer Karen Gee. And coincidentally the dress was titled the’ Blessed’ style.

During their visit to New Zealand, the royal wore a pair of aptly named ‘Reign’ boots by the Muck Boot Company in the rainy weather.

Image consultant and celebrity stylist Ceril Campbell claims that Meghan’s wardrobe often has an ‘underlying message’ that ‘subtly’ promotes her values as a humanitarian and advocate for female empowerment. She explained: ‘There is an always an underlying message on every single thing she wears, which gives her values and her messages out to the public; which is all about saving the planet being green empowering women but subtly.’

meghan markle and prince hary australian tourvvvvv

This includes her Rothy’s ballet pumps, that are actually made from recycled plastic water bottles, as well as her Outland Denim black jeans that she wore on her trip to Australia.

The founder of Outland Denim launched the brand after a chance encounter with an anti-trafficking group inspired him to open up a factory in Cambodia to offer job opportunities for young women from remote villages.

The fashion brand also says it sources the most ethically and environmentally sound raw materials, from organic cotton pocket linings to recycled packaging.

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