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The Secrets Behind Kate’s Photos Of Her Children George, Charlotte And Louis

Kate Middleton has once again proved her prowess at photography with a series of sweet photographs of her children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

All of us are finding ways to keep ourselves entertained while we are stuck in self-isolation for the time being. And the same goes for the royal family, who are also staying at home due to the current situation.

New Photos Of Prince Louis Released To Mark His 2nd Birthday

For example, Prince William tried cheering up the nation on BBC1’s The Big Night In, while his wife Kate has been busy improving her skills with the camera.

Just this week we got brand new photos of Prince Louis to celebrate his second birthday. The photos captured the joy of Prince Louis was feeling while he was hand-painting with rainbow colours, in a way only a mother could. And that goes for any photo she has taken of her children. Her three gems always look happily relaxed in any photo where their mother is behind the lens.

This is unsurprising, as Kate, a former art history student and patron of the Royal Photographic Society, is quite familiar with the world of photography and knows that even the simplest images need lots of setting up.

The Palace Shared New Unseen Photo Of Kate

As a mother, she also knows that when kids are asked to do something, it loses its authenticity and it’s better to let things happen naturally. That’s why the Duchess has managed to capture sweet moments like ­children’s precious kisses for newborn siblings, tentative toddler’s steps, the first day of school nerves, cheeky laughter and countryside runs with wildflowers.

Ingrid Seward, the editor in chief of Majesty magazine, says: “The Duchess studied photography and worked for a while as a photographer’s assistant.

“She’s become a really good photographer, capturing her children beautifully.

Happy Birthday Prince George! Three New Photos Released To Mark George’s Special Day!

“In the recent pictures of Prince Louis, we can see that the pictures are still a bit posed because even though there’s paint on his face there’s none in his hair.

“At two, Louis is at a delightful age when he’s happy to pose. Whereas in the pictures of Princess Charlotte on the steps on her first day at school, she looks slightly more self-conscious.

“Kate can probably persuade them to do things they might not do ­otherwise – that’s one reason her pictures are so charming.”

Ian Vogler, the royal photographer for the Mirror, explains how there are a clear evolution and progression in Kate’s photography ever since her first photo of Prince George’s second birthday in 2015.

He says: “Kate’s pictures are really coming on. She knows it’s always best to take pictures in natural daylight because a flash can put a child off.

Happy Birthday Princess Charlotte! Three New Photos Released To Mark Charlotte’s Special Day!

“And it’s best to distract children, as it’s always easier if they’re doing something they enjoy.

“No one knows better how to capture a child’s spirit than their parents.

“Kate’s pictures show a move away from the formal line-ups of Lord Snowdon. They’re a breath of fresh air.”

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