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The Strict Rule Kate Has For Staff Who Look After Her Family

Cambridge’s household relies on a trustworthy staff team for its day to day running, trust is the keyword and as such high standards are a must when it comes to the hiring process.

However what exactly are these high standards? Well, from what previous job advertisements have told us, gossiping is strictly prohibited and staff should be skilled at “maintaining the confidentiality and exercising discretion” according to the Royal Household website.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Prince William and Kate Middleton would do their best to keep their private affairs private, especially with their young royals, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Louis living in the same household.

Far from being the only rule that staff members are expected to follow, we’ve previously found out that the children’s nanny, Maria Borrallo has been prohibited from using certain words at Kensington Palace.

Borrallo, a Norland College graduate and Norland expert Louise Herren explain that one particular word is strictly removed from their vocabulary. She stated that all Norland nannies are discouraged from saying  ‘kids’ and must instead use the children’s names at all times.

Louse Herran explains: “The word kind is banned. It’s a mark of respect for the children as individuals.”

Naughty steps are also banned, as they aren’t part of the Norland nanny experience, their arsenal however does include sticker charts, depending on the child.

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