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The Sweet Story Behind Meghan’s Green Necklace She Received In New Zealand

During the whole Royal tour, thoughtful Duchess Meghan has managed to pay tribute and show respect with her fashion choices. And the same goes for her latest accessory.

On the final day of the tour, Harry and Meghan visited TePapaiouruMarae for a formal powhiri [welcome ceremony] in their honor. For the occasion, Meghan opted for a Stella McCartney mini dress which she accessorized with a large green stone around her neck.

meghan markle


While at first, it seems like any other necklace, it actually holds a special meaning.

Meghan’s necklace is made from a stone called a Pounama. Pounama is only found in the South Island of New Zealand. It is a valued stone with a spiritual significance.

The necklace is made by Maori designer, Kiri Nathan, and carved by Jason Nathan.

According to Kiri Nathan’s website, Pounamu is a “highly prized” stone with spiritual significance that symbolizes “status and power.” The greenstone can be given as a gift to “affirm relationships, peace, love, and safe journeys/life.”

This makes it even more important to Meghan as it was New Zealand Governor-General Patsy Reddy who gave the stunning gift to her when she and Harry arrived on Sunday at Government House.

According got the designer’s website each piece holds its own mana, denoting status and power. “Pounamu is traditionally handed down as a valued heirloom or given as a gift to affirm relationships, peace, love and safe journeys/life.”

As we said, Harry, Meghan and their “little bump” finished up their final day in Rotorua, New Zealand. They started the day with a visit to TePapaiouruMarae, followed by an official lunch.

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Later, they visited a Kiwi breeding programme in Rainbow Springs. After a public walkabout, Harry and Meghan headed to Redwoods Tree Walk. The forest is also home to a mountain biking community, members of which were invited to the forest to meet the royal couple.

This was their 76th and final engagement of their first Royal tour.

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