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The Untold Story About Prince George

When talking about sweet mother-son moments, Kate Middleton and her eldest child Prince George have an abundance of stories to share. And recently, royal fans have been treated to a brand new story about the two royals from their Royal Tour of Australia in 2014.

The story was first posted on a royal tumblr account (yes those exist), and later it has resurfaced on a royal fan’s Twitter account.

The untold story about Prince George

The source tells us that the Duchess of Cambridge took some time off before an official engagement in order to spend quality time with George and show the kangaroos that were outside. The source reportedly worked at the place where Kate and William stayed during their visit.

A note at the bottom explains the source of the story: “This anecdote was shared by someone whose mum knows someone who used to work where William and Kate stayed with George during their 2014 tour in Australia.”

The story reads: “My Mum knows someone who used to work at government house in Canberra. When Kate, William and George were staying there, Kate came running (well, probably elegantly gliding) down the stairs with her hair, make up and jewelry done for the ball but still in casual clothes.

“She asked how long until they had to be dressed, because there were some kangaroos outside and she wanted to take George out to see. They sat on the grass and watched the kangaroos until it was time for her to get dressed.”

Besides the kangaroos, little Prince George also had the chance to meet a bilby who was originally named Boy but was renamed after George was born.

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