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These Are Harry And Meghan’s Secret Code Names

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex both have secret names saved in their bodyguard’s phones in any case of emergency. So much for a secret.

According to some reports, we now know the code names for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The pair is listed under secret names in their aide’s phones in the case they fall into the wrong hands.

According to reports from The Daily Star, the couple goes under the names “David Stevens and Davina Scott”. The thing that apparently gives it away is the initials of both, which spell DS-meaning Duke/Duchess of Sussex.

harry and meghan

And by the same logic, Prince William and his wife Kate also have code names. The Cambridge’s go by the names “Danny Collins and Daphne Clark”.

The Star quoted a royal source saying: “If anyone got hold of a phone belonging to a royal aide or security team member, they won’t find Harry Windsor and Meghan’s names in it.

“It is far too risky in the wrong hands. They get given code names but they are changed regularly for obvious reasons.”


The insider recalled an instance during a recent event when a worker was told by Harry’s aide that he had a call for him.

He added: “The assistant held up his mobile and it had some random name come up on the screen.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

“The chap went: ‘Why would I want to speak to him?’ Imagine the surprise he got when he heard Harry’s voice on the other end of the line.”

Earlier this week we got details on the couple’s upcoming trip to Australia and New Zealand. Much to the delight of fans. During their 16-day tour, they will visit all the places you might expect, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Fraser Island, and Auckland. However, there is one stop that is confusing fans, especially Australians who can’t figure out why it has been included. On the second day of their trip, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will visit the city of Dubbo, located in New South Wales.

While the locals are delighted to have royals as guests, people from other parts of the country weren’t that impressed with the decision.

harry and meghan

Dubbo’s mayor Ben Shields has also defended his city and has said there is a lot of excitement about the royal visit.

He told Guardian Australia: “People keep asking me, ‘Why Dubbo?’ And I keep saying, ‘Of course they’d come to Dubbo.’

“You don’t go to Australia without visiting Dubbo! It’s as simple as that.”

“I’ve been telling people for years it is the center of the universe.”

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