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This Gesture Shows William Was Relieved To Have Wife Kate By His Side

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are back on royal duty together. Today, William and Kate attended the first Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London.

Kensington Palace describes the event as a time when “political figures, academics and policy-makers from around the world [will] come together with one common goal: better mental health for all.”

Today was Kate’s first outing with husband William since giving birth to their third child, Prince Louis.

kate and william

The couple stunned in recycled outfits. You must remember that Kate has worn the lilac dress by Emilia Wickstead before.

Prince William also wore the same outfit which he wore during the royal tour of Germany in 2017.

Husband William looked really proud and happy to have his wife back by his side.

In an interview with OK! Online Judi James, body language expert, said: “From the sleek, minimalist chic of her lilac dress and matching retro bag to the new, high-energy, wide-stride walk, you’d easily imagine that Kate had taken her break from royal duties to do nothing more taxing than stretching out on the deck of a yacht in the Med for a few weeks.

“Kate looked positively raring to go today, bouncing round from her side of the car to meet up with husband William and share the kind of ‘Let’s do this’ nod of approval that superheroes often perform before winning a fight.”

According to Judi, Kate’s posture displayed confidence and said: “She posed with her back slightly, arched suggesting high levels of confidence, and she held her arms subtly away from her torso to form the ‘Upturned V’ gap under the armpits that always signals contagious confidence.”

kate and william

And William’s pose showed that he was he was thrilled to have her back by his side.

“William performed the only slight anxiety gesture here, forming a partial barrier by clutching at the waist of his jacket with one hand, but when he looked at Kate his eye expression softened into what looked suspiciously like a look of love.

“This, plus his fleeting but rather soppy grin, suggested he was proud and pleased to have her back at his side.”

During the visit, the couple met with Colombian artist Dario Vargas. Dario invited them to add their own brush strokes to his live art painting.

William quickly suggested that Kate should make the first move: “As she is the artsy one,” he said.

After Kate applied the brush on the canvas, she asked “Fine?”

But William interjected, jokingly, “You’ve pretty much ruined the picture!” Then he took the brush and said, “This is how you properly ruin a picture,” before making a mark of his own.

We love them! So sweet!

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