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Tom Hardy Revealed What He Did To Stay In Shape For Venom

Tom Hardy is no stranger to getting fit for a role or to comic book movies. After the success that was The dark knight rises, Hardys next big role will be in the 2018 solo Venom movie produced by Sony. And it seems that he has taken it quite seriously.

Unlike his latest supervillain character, Hardy isn’t a being from outer space. Or at least that’s what he wants us to think. So instead, he hit the gym, big time. With a punching bag, some gloves and two personal trainers, he might even surpass his character. With production having already started, Hardy has been training five times a week, even sometimes twice a day with his trainer Nathan Jones and Mark Mene in preparation for the role. So we wouldn’t feel left out, Pro MMA fighter Nathan Jones shared a clip of Hardy doing some boxing moves with him.

Oscar winner Riz Ahmen, Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate have all been said to appear in the new movie alongside Hardy, with Ahmed reportedly having the role of a popular Marvel character according to Newsweek. Let’s hope Hardy can break Sony not so fortunate superhero movie streak. Be sure to check out Venom which is set to release on the 5th October 2018.

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