Tom Tugendhat: Prince Harry Should Be The UK Ambassador To US

According to a TOP British politician, Theresa May should make Prince Harry British ambassador to the US.

Tom Tugendhat, chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, suggested sending Harry to Washington DC as part of a post-Brexit diplomatic push. He said that the royal, who married and American actress, would be a perfect cut.

He revealed to The Sun: “We could use someone like Harry, in somewhere like the US, to say – the UK is back.

tom tugendhat
“We could use someone like Harry, in somewhere like the US, to say – the UK is back”- Tom Tugendhat

“Having somebody who could really cut through would be one hell of an asset.

“He does have an American wife, and he served alongside US forces.

“The idea of representing his country is something he’s done a lot.”

Besides his idea, he still thinks that Harry wouldn’t want to get involved in politics, but he said: “I’m serious about using him better, and the US is an example of where that could happen.”

The former British ambassador to Russia, Andrew Wood, said: ‘I see no virtue for either Prince Harry or the government in sending him over.

‘In fact, it risks politicising him.’

Kensington Palace declined to comment.

Tugendhat’s other suggestion is to employ football stars and artists could also be signed up as diplomats. In that way UK will be considered as a global player.

Also, the celebrities would need to be accompanied by experienced deputies so they would handle the technical details.

harry and meghan
Prince Harry suggested as a possible UK ambassdor to US

Anyway, we are eight days apart of the couple’s first Royal tour. Their trip will begin in will begin in Sydney on October 16 and end in Rotorua, New Zealand on the 31st.

The couple will visit Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand. During the ‘short’ 16-day tour.

Harry and Meghan must be getting ready. They Sussex have 76 engagements planned-which means that they better start packing because they will need a number of clothes with them.

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