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VIDEO: Kate Middleton Was Predicted That She Will Marry William

Well, it appears that Meghan Markle is not the only actress in the British royal family!A video footage has emerged of Kate Middleton taking part in a school production as she plays the leading female part. She was only 13 years old. However, since then she was told that one day she will marry a rich gentleman. He ended up being named William.

You can see the Duchess of Cambridge, wearing a white dress with flowers in her hair, in the drama performed at St. Andrew’s Preparatory School, Pangbourne, Berkshire. There is also a fortune teller played by Kate’s classmate.

Kate Middleton

The fortune teller offers to read her hand. However, she rejected saying “I’m scared”.

The fortune-teller anyway studied her palm.  ‘Soon you will meet a handsome man, a rich gentleman,’ she revealed her.

The excited teenage Kate says: ‘It is all I have ever hoped for. Will he fall in love with me?’

The fortune teller: “Indeed he will.”

“And marry me?” Kate asks.

“And marry you,” he confirms.

Then, when young Kate asked if her husband will “take me away from here,” the fortune-teller replies: “Yes, to London.”

Kate expressed: “Oh, how my heart flutters!’

Later in the play, Kate’s character is proposed to by a man. And she replied: “Yes, yes dear William!”

This video was posted on the Internet after it was used in a German documentary about the Kate and William’s romance.

When the video, first appeared in public, Kingsley Glover, who played William in the play, said: ‘It was great fun to do.’

And it became true. Kate Middleton fell in love with her own Prince Charming. She and Prince William met at the University of St. Andrews.

The couple tied the knot in 2011. Now they live happily with their two beautiful children with the third one on its way.

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