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Walking Dead Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Accidentally Revealed Gender of Baby No. 2

On Sunday at the Supernatural convention in New Jersey, Walking Dead Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan really spilled the beans. He he accidentally announced that he and Hilarie Burton are expecting a baby girl. What a face he made when he realized what he said.

And later, he had some explaining to do to for sure.

Considering that the Grey’s Anatomy couple wanted to keep it a secret, Jeffrey admitted confessed to his Instagram followers that he had to apologize his wife for accidentally revealing the baby’s gender.

“Whoever took this picture?? Caught a moment… thank you. We shall cherish,” Morgan captioned a photo of his head in his hands after he shared at a public event that he and the former One Tree Hill star were expecting a girl. “I texted @hilarieburton right after I spilled the little girl beans… and, as usual… she was a rock star. After all these years she’s come to expect me to be a dope… thank god she gets it and loves me regardless.”

The Walking Dead actor attended the promotion of The CW’s The Supernatural show in New Jersey where he took time to thank the fans and the stars of the series. “Thank you, New Jersey and the incredible @cw_supernatural family! Love ya all, and had a blast seeing you,” he wrote. “And most of all… all the love in the world to my boys… @jensenackles and @jaredpadalecki it’s always too little time together… but it’s always special. I miss ya both. Xojd.”

News about the couple expecting a second baby was revealed at the 2017 Emmy Awards when Burton debuted her baby bump while walking down the red carpet.

Walking Dead Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton
Walking Dead Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton
Walking Dead Star Burton and Morgan already have a son, Augustus, whom they welcomed in 2010. The private couple opened up about him in limited interviews.

“He learned how to say, ‘No.’ He used to say, ‘I’m done,’ and now he looks at you and says, ‘No!’ ” Morgan told PEOPLE of Gus when he was a toddler.

“He says it with a laugh like it’s hilarious,” added Burton, 35.

Earlier, Hilarie Burton, also revealed why she loves Morgan’s Walking Dead character, Negan.

“It’s made him good cop at home,” Burton explained. “He gets all his bad cop stuff out of the way at work and then he comes home and he’s happy dad.”

Morgan joked, “I’m sweet all the time. And my kid thinks I’m cool so that works. I take out the trash.”


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