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Was This The First Happy Outlander Season Finale?

Outlander just finished its third season. And oh my did it go out with a bang, literally and figuratively. From seeing the Frasers depart to lots of throat slashing, suspense building situations, tons of good special effects and of course drama.

Here is a short list of everything that transpired:
  1. What is she made of? Claire has been surprisingly calm for someone who is on the search for a missing captive and whose husband has just been captured.111
  2. “I’m your wife. I’m coming with you.” And of course, Claire didn’t leave Jamie alone. Even though we might have liked to see more of Marsali and Fergus this season, we can see the reasoning why not.
  3. “I’m tired of your blethering” Young Ian has held his own quite well against Geillis- who not only kidnapped him, drugged him and forced him to have sex with her- she is now furious at the fact that she thinks he is hiding secrets from her. This only just shows how much of a problem her obsession with the prophecy about the future Scottish ruler. Despite everything that Ian is saying, she still thinks there is some great conspiracy to uncover.

  4. Claire and Geillis have one quite fascinating and unpredictable relationship. “We’re friends,” says Geillis, but we find that hard to believe. She doesn’t have friends anymore, only pure political ambition.
  5. And that Captain Leonard…oh my. “The Justin Bieber of the Seas” as he has been called has the audacity to make cute jokes about Jamie’s drollness while taking him to his death.
  6. Which makes it way better when John Grey says “I don’t think so” and takes custody of Jamie instead. Sorry, Leo. You just can’t fight the love of Jamie Fraser. All this army vs. Navy rivalry is quite interesting. “Do you mean to say you have neither warrant nor affidavit to support your claim?” I like the due process as much as the next guy, but when the one who is insisting upon it is John Grey, it just makes things much much better. But, maybe this might come back and bite our heroes in the ass in the future.
  7. Now imagine this, you are looking at the love of your life for the last time, what do you say? “Good luck” apparently, if you are John.
  8. “Strange how fate keeps bringing us together.” Geillis has a point. It seems that Claire and Geillis’s fates are so intertwined, that they have a reunion every now and then. But is it fate, or is someone tampering with the course of history? Claire didn’t go back in time purposely like Geillis and Claire don’t any higher purpose to stay there, except Jamie. Still, Geillis is on about her Scottish nationalist BS.
  9. “I’ve no idea what you’re getting at.” Claire is totally taken by surprise, and even now whhen Geillis’ game is out in the open. Not knowing her true goal isn’t the most dangerous thing, seeing that she cant be bargained with is.
  10. Another thing that is quite dangerous is if Claire, trying to save herself, tells Geillis about Bree..who according to the prophecy is the child born 200 years after its inception. JUST DONT DO IT. THAT A BIG NO NO.
  11. “I’ve read better stories in Mills and Boon.” The anachronism in this episode is off the charts.
  12. That moment, that damned moment. We knew that this is a full circle of vengeance. That moment when Geillis was holding the photos of Brianna, reminiscing about the time she met Bree at the rally.
  13. Jamaica is a country with a rich culture and history, and even though it wasn’t the best choice for a background, the scene where the local people are dancing, while the great European powers duke it out. This scene is kind of parallel to a scene earlier, when Claire saw some women dancing at Craigh Na Dun, to show the similarities between the two portal locations. The scene has lots of quick cuts, emphasis on the bloody animal sacrifice and a see why some people might have a problem with it. I don’t mind it though.
  14. Seeing something happy for a change is great. Yi Tien Cho and Margaret Campbell got the happy ending they deserved. Both of them have been through a lot. Yi Tien had a pretty simple role this season, saving Jamie and Claire. Everything he has done is to serve the plot. And he doesn’t even get a thank you from Jamie, after all, he has done for them.
  15. OMG AS IF THAT RABBIT IS BACK.Unbelievable.
  16. Margaret channeling Bree must be one of the best and most breathtaking scenes this season. And that’s something, with all the thing that we got this season. A freaking bath of goats blood?! Yeah, we got that last episode. What was she talking about, what monster? Is she referring to Geillis, will she find her so quickly?
  17. Once Claire hears about the Brahan Seer prophecy (based on a real legend, by the way, whose last name was Mackenzie!), she immediately realizes what Geillis is doing. Bree is in huge danger.
  18. Wow, who knew that Sam Heughan could make me cry just by saying the name “Faith”? Give him an Emmy.
  19. The alter that Geillis made for Brianna is one of the weirdest things I have seen. It looks like something a kid that watched The Craft would make, and if it was a psycho. If you weren’t sure if she was evil, now you can be certain that she is. She knows that she doesn’t need to kill to pass through the portal, as we learned from Claire that it is possible to pass without a sacrifice. Yet, she is still going to kill Ian, and Bree next.

  20. How did you think this would end? With a slit throat, how else. Claire did what she had to do… Also curious about the portal’s siren song beckoning Claire—I’m not sure I’ve seen the stones have that effect on her before. Or is she yearning to see Bree?
  21. “I knew you’d come, Uncle Jamie. But ye left it a bit late, aye?” Classic young Ian. If it were me it would be pretty pissed at Jamie, but Ian isn’t a prick like me.
  22. SPEAK IN FULL CIRCLE. I knew that skeleton from Boston would come back, but…it’s Geillis? I say whaaaaat.
  23. Even after all of that deadly, terrifying drama, Claire can’t help but point out how “generous” it was of Lord John to have the warrant for Jamie’s arrest withdrawn.  It was needed for the plot, but I think there is much more in the background. Claire can spot a Jamie fan when she sees one.
  24. Sam Heughans pecs. Just look at them. That’s all I have to say.
  25. One remark Claire had was that Jamie had grown a beard. Whats wrong with facial hair Claire? Let the man live a little dammit.

  26. Jamie what are you doing man. It seems that this guy is into some kinky stuff. Narrating what he wants to do to Claire while doing it. Whats up with that? It feels like phone sex…in person?! Being on a ship has never stopped them from getting it on before. Oh, hang on. Looks like they’re doing it. All good, then, carry on!
  27. “I shall do that until you start making squeaking noises.”What.If a paramour ever said that to me, I literally think I would never have sex again.
  28. Thank god Claire and Jamie managed to get it on before this almighty storm.
  29. What is up with this storm? Like its hitting The Perfect Storm levels of scary…whats up with that?
  30. As beautiful as this shot of Claire underwater is, while she is narrating the whole thing, my complain is can you not. Like, stop drowning, like this second.

  31. Then again, it did give us this magnificent underwater Clarie rescue scene, so…I guess it’s fine that you died a bit. JUST THIS ONCE, THOUGH.
  32. Schmee, where is my ship? Seriously where has the damn ship gone?
  33. Oh, look at this nice little girl, with her sweet bonnet and, um, her stick that she is using to poke Jamie in the ribs with!
  34. After all this time, Claire didn’t have the time to teach Jamie to check a pulse? She’s not dead Jamie, we still have a couple of dozen of books to go through.
  35. And that all. Is this the happy ending we were expecting? Yes. Do we want more? Sure as hell we do. But it seems that we will have to wait one long year until Outlander returns. For the time being, we can always rewatch the first 3 seasons. But who would want to go through that all over again?

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