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Watch Charlotte Correct George During God Save The Queen

Prince George might be the eldest of the Cambridge children, but it seems that doesn’t matter much as most of the time its Princess Charlotte, who is two years younger than him, being the one that is watching over her two brothers and keeping them in line.

 And on Sunday fans saw a moment that proved just that, as the two Cambridge children appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

As the National Anthem started playing and the royals positioned themselves, Princess Charlotte was quick to notice that her brother was not standing correctly, and even quicker to discreetly tell him.

“Arms behind you, George.” The little royal can be heard telling her older brother, who had his hands resting on the balcony edge. Prince George quickly corrected his posture as he joined his two siblings in singing the national anthem.

During the three-minute appearance on the balcony, royal fans got to see four-year-old Prince Louis perfectly singing God Save The Queen. At first, the camera showed all of the royals gathered on the balcony before it cut to the four-year-old singing the end of the first verse.

“Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, God Save the Queen,” he could be seen singing.

All three of the Cambridge children have perfectly behaved during the three-minute appearance on the balcony, but you can only keep a four-year-old still for a short bit, and Prince Louis couldn’t help his curiosity just as the National Anthem was about to begin, as the young royal leaned forward to look down from the balcony, before being quickly pulled back by his mother, Kate.

It seems that George, Charlotte and Louis had a great time during all the ceremonies they attended, seeing that this was the first-ever big event that all three have attended together. With them growing up as fast as they are, we will only be seeing them more and more during engagements and events in the near future.

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