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What Is Harry Doing For Meghan Every Day During Her Pregnancy?

At the moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in the fourth-fifth months of their pregnancy. Even with the child due to arrive in spring 2019, the media has given major attention to the couple and their unborn child from the day they made the announcement.

Just recently, Prince Harry was seen cradling Meghan’s baby bump at an event, where the Duchess was absolutely stunning.

Meghan visited Hubb Community Kitchen

According to reports, Prince Harry is doing his best to take care of her every need at the moment. The Prince has taken this role quite seriously, both as a devout husband and future father. One thing that the Prince has been doing is bringing her breakfast in bed every morning during her pregnancy. And after the breakfast in bed, the two go on a relaxing stroll in the garden, which doesn’t sound so bad.

An insider told Life & Style magazine:

“Harry will bring her tea and breakfast in bed. They go over their schedule and then take a stroll in the gardens together before Meghan does her daily prenatal yoga”.

This is one great way for pregnant women to start her day and only proves how much of a sweetheart her husband Harry really is. He wasn’t voted most popular amongst the people for no reason.

Harry and Meghan in Tonga (1)

People have already started speculating when is Meghan’s official due date, even though there is a small chance of Kensington Palace revealed the date at any stage of her pregnancy. Another thing that the fans have been speculating is what the babies name will be. When it comes to naming royal babies the royal couple have to follow just one rule. And that is that the Queen is told of the news first and tradition dictates that the couple wait a few days after the baby’s birth before publicly announcing the official name.

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